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The OACAO has a number of reports and publications that are available, either on line or in hard copy. All documents in hard copy are available to non-members at the designated fee, which includes mailing costs.

On Line

  • A Profile of Older Adult Centres in Ontario - 2004, 2008 (2013 Profile is only available to OACAO members at no charge)

Hard Copy - Fee of $10.00 (includes postage)

  • A Profile of Older Adult Centres in Ontario (2000, 2002, 2004, 2006, 2008, 2013)
  • Role of Older Centres within Long Term Care in Ontario (2001)
  • Older Adult Centres in Ontario: Living Life to the Fullest (1999)
  • Quality Solutions to Achieving Cost Effective Long Term Care Services (2001)
  • Marketing Older Adult Centres in Ontario - A Guide to Promote Your Centre (1999)
  • Role of Older Adult Centres in Multi-Service Agencies (1994)

Manuals available in Hard Copy Only - Fee of $25.00 per manual (includes postage)

  • Volunteer Leadership in the Senior Centre (1994)
  • Managing Our Volunteer Resources - A Guide to Developing Volunteer Resource Business Plans

Standards for Older Adult Centres - Fee of $25.00 per manual (includes postage)

Self-Assessment and Peer Review Manual

Whether you are a centre staff person responsible for the day-to-day organization and management of the centre and its activities, or, you are a member of the Board of Directors or Advisory Council responsible for centre policy and periodic assessment and review of the centre and its services, the Manual is your guide.

The Manual provides direction on:

  • Governance
  • Organization Structure
  • Records and Reports
  • Services
  • Evaluation

Every Older Adult Centre staff and Board should have a copy of this valuable resource tool.

OACAO Strategic Planning Toolkit 2015
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Benefits of Healthy Eating
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Physical Activity Guide for Older Adults
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Priorities for the aging population of Ontario
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Measuring the Impact of EPC's in Ontario Report on the EPC Outcome Survey 2013
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